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Wifi sync doesnt works

As always when you pay, the app is buggy and you dont have any support. The wifi sync between Desktop and iPad doesnt works. (Desk doesnt ask for "allow") iOS 5.1.1 No sync = no interest = if you cant fix > refund

Dropbox-Sync died!!!

I use it every day, but the missing iPad App is realy not worth five stars. BUT: Since May 2013, Dropbox-Sync throws an error. Im waiting for an update...


I use Wallet on the desktop and have been waiting forever for the iPod version. it works just like youd expect and syncs great. highly recommended!

Sync works fine...

Instructions are incorrect You must setup a new database on iPhone first contrary to what is indicated Sync and product then work just fine

Terrible: buggy, doesnt work properly

This app either throws a password error or crashes every time it attempts to sync. DO NOT BUY. This app is not ready for prime time.... in fact, it doesnt work at all.

Sync Stopped Working

Initially worked fine and synced properly over Wi-Fi. Shortly thereafter, the app starting crashing the iPhone when I tried to sync (you need to force-restart the phone). Otherwise, the app works unless you try to sync. Contacted Acrylic Software and Ive been told theyre working on it.

"Just What I Needed"

I spent about just as much time debating over which password management application to get as I did trying to decide what todo manager I should get. Somehow when checking out things like eWallet, mSecure, 1Password, I missed the existence of Wallet. I only stumbled on it through their Times desktop software. This app does what I need, and it does it well. Custom categories and fields is quite great, and its nice to see a password application that lets me keep my passwords behind more than a 4 digit passcode. Only issues I have are regarding syncing. I debated for so long as I was waiting for something that would be better for me like iKeePass or LastPass for the iPhone, but I dont see those coming soon. Unfortauntely I have to import all my passwords manually, if there was support to grab like a CSV or XML file over WiFi from different application exports (notable KeePass) that would be great as Im honestly not gonna but the desktop software, and it serves me no purpose anyways being Mac only. I realize thats not your fault, which is why this application still deserves 5 stars. Im just throwing some ideas out there for better compatability with all users password applications. Other than that, awesome app, I love it. However, your desktop software have great icons, but it looks like you felt really limited by the shape of iPhone application icon. Spice up the icon, its the most blah icon on my springboard.

Saved Me

I just purchased an FTP app to make a quick update to my website, but couldnt remember my login info. I bought Wallet for the iPhone and in less than a minute had it pull my info from MobileMe and was able to login to my FTP. Awesome app and a great compliment to the desktop version.

New Wallet Update

I am following up to my recent review. Within four hours of writing to Acrylic Software, I received the following reply: Sorry about that, this is a known bug that somehow slipped into v2.0.2 of Wallet. Were submitting a fix tonight to Apple, and hopefully it will be available shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience. Strangely enough, Wallet disappeared entirely from the iTunes Store with no mention of the problem. However, I am pleased to say that when the problem was fixed, Wallet reappeared. You will see a brief "IMPORTANT" message in the Wallet App description. And so the problem was fixed. However, I still have a problem. When I sync Wallet through Mobile Me the sync seems to hang as the candy stripe never stops twirling. I have to use force quite to close Wallet. I previously wrote to Acrylic Software about this but did not receive any reply. Maybe Wallet still has bugs in it.

Not Recommended

I purchased the Iphone app which worked fine. I ran into a problem installing the desktop demo - it always crashed. ALL emails to Wallet support and to the developer went unanswered. Dont waste your money - Its $4.99 I wont get back. Purchase 1Password instead - its far superior.

Non-Functional Wi-Fi Sync, Unresponsive Developer

Listen to the previous negative reviews and save your money. The wi-fi sync doesnt work and Im not about to manually transfer all entries from the desktop version to the iPhone app - $4.99 down the drain. No response from Acrylic Software when contacted. Whats New In Version 2.1.1? Ill tell what isnt new - wi-fi sync still has not been fixed.

Decent design, lots of crashing

Decent enough design, very functional and works well. But It does crash a LOT, Acrylic really needs to fix this. I can verify that the only way to get your MobileMe Wallet synced with your iPhone is to "Create a new Database" when opening the app for the first time, and THEN syncing with MobileMe.

Very decent needs work

Complete integration with iPhone, iPad and iMac needed; get in the game.......


Loved this app until this update. It wiped out my password & all of the information that I had stored. Poorly thought out. Joan

Loved it till it I could no longer reinstall

Great app that would sync everything to my Mac but after a phone problem I cant reinstall because it needs 4.2 and I dont want to update my phone OS yet. Cant imagine what they need it for as it is so simple it should be able to run on ios 3

MobileMe sync worked after small glitch

I was scared at first to purchase because of some of the negative reviews. I used to use info.xhead for Mac but it stopped working once I installed Lion. Someone recommended Wallet. I purchased the desktop version and did a sync to MobileMe. Then I bought the iPhone app. During setup I choose to sync to MobileMe but I ended up with a blank database. Then I went into preferences and re-entered my MobileMe info and it asked to replace with data on MobileMe. Worked great after that.

Cant sync anymore

I can sync anymore with Dropbox! Whats happens??? Help me!

It used to be so good!

I previously reviewed this app for iPhone and Mac and really enjoyed the simplicity, flexibility and ease with which it keeps syncing. At some point, it stopped syncing properly. I keep getting a flash that the file in Dropbox has updated to the most recent version. Unfortunately, when I compare my iPhone database to the Mac database, they are NOT synced. Cannot figure out how to do it either. Contacted Acrylic for advice - 8 days later nothing. I guess when you join Facebook as a company, user-focused programming goes out the window. Goodbye Wallet----- Hello 1Password. >sigh<

Sync Doesnt Work

I use this app on a daily basis unfortunately in the last update the sync stopped working. No response to emails from the developer.

Not satisfied

First and foremost, I want to be able to see my password, otherwise there is absolutely no point to it because I choose not to use my phone to long into critical websites, especially regarding finances. Secondly, very glitchy. Considering the price tag, I absolutely wouldn’t recommend it.

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